Services | Salone Foods

We have in-house capacity to assist SMEs operate more efficient and profitable agribusinesses. We provide training and employment to Farmer-Based Organizations and SMEs backed by guaranteed market outlets for raw. Additionally, we provide technical support and capacity strengthening for organizations aiming to assist farmers and agribusinesses to focus on quality and health issues in operations to commercialize agriculture (particularly smallholder agriculture).

Our strategic operation takes shape through:

  • Consultative planning to promote inter-institutional partnerships and assure ownership of processes and results
  • Harnessing technical cooperation for increased access to sustainable solutions developed in-country and elsewhere
  • Facilitating experiential learning by farmers and agro-processors to increase their understanding
  • Promoting agribusinesses support linkages through geo-referenced contract-farming and cassava innovation platforms and e-platform
  • Testing and adoption of proposed solutions
  • Guiding the establishment and operations of food grade agroprocessing facilities to produce quality local content food products
  • Promoting improved packaging solutions to increase market competitiveness and income from domestic and export outlets
  • Promoting expanded on-farm production to assure availability of quality raw materials on demand