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19 February 2016
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Our  parent company, Home Foods & Drinks (SL) Ltd recently welcomed a team of CordAid staff and journalists from Kingdom of Netherlands to our water factory in Freetown on Wednesday February 17, 2016.

In 2015, CordAid provided business development services to Home Foods & Drinks. This has resulted in a loan from CordAid investment that will help us to upgrade our production and marketing operations.

A four-minute video of the visit will be used as part of CordAid’s first webinar, focusing on CordAid’s Ebola and post Ebola work in Sierra Leone.

The video will show how they have worked with our water brand AquaClean, with focus on post Ebola economic recovery.

Cordaid is the Catholic Organisation for Relief & Development Aid, with its headquarters in the Netherlands. They have been fighting poverty and exclusion in the world’s most fragile societies and conflict stricken areas for almost a century.

They support people in vulnerable regions and areas of conflict to build flourishing communities. CordAid does this by enhancing safety, by creating opportunities and bringing out the best in people.

As social entrepreneurs, they work together with parties who want to participate in development and cooperation.

Home Foods & Drinks is very grateful for the support CordAid has provided. Below are more pictures of their visit to our AquaClean water factory.

For our interview with CordAid, please visit this news page on their website.


CordAid Aqua Clean Visit 8CordAid Aqua Clean Visit 2CordAid Aqua Clean Visit 7CordAid Aqua Clean Visit 4CordAid Aqua Clean Visit 1CordAid Aqua Clean Visit 9

10 responses on “Our Company Teams Up With CordAid

  1. William Adjabui says:

    A really giant leap for the company! With Prudent management, commitment to excellence and sustainable policies, this company will grow into a household brand in West Africa and beyond.

  2. IMO Shamie says:

    This is a very welcoming collaboration for a food company that brings changes to the industry. I only wish others keep to such high standards to attain such recognition to benefit Sierra Leoneans. Keep on the good work Home Foods and Drinks.

  3. Rex Mohamed Kenneh says:

    A good collaborative work! Wishing you well.

  4. Mohamed Morie Sippo says:

    Thank you very much CordAid for your support. Your intervention is at the right time in the right place. Water is life Bravo!

  5. Thomas B R Yormah says:

    This, indeed, is a great opportunity for SaloneFoods! With the welcome arrival of CordAid to give capital support and help hone entrepreneurial skills the sky will be the limit for the growth of this partnership

  6. mohamed Jalloh says:

    We have people with good business initiative, am proud for this bold step.

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