About Us | Salone Foods

Established in 1998, Home Foods and Drinks is a private and family owned company that carries out a wide range of business and agricultural research-for-development activities, geared towards high quality food and drinks production and marketing. At the top of our agenda is agro-processing and food-to-food fortification. We aim to add economic and nutritional value to the product, quality compliance for health and increased competitiveness of our products. Our indigenous company’s agribusiness products are sold under the brand name, Salone Foods. Our goal is to be a profitably sustainable agribusiness house. We work effortlessly to produce, package and market a wide range of nutritionally acceptable, local content food products in daily demand in Sierra Leone, the West African sub-region and the diaspora.

We also have in-house capacity to assist SMEs operate more efficient and profitable agribusinesses. We provide training and employment to Farmer-Based Organizations and SMEs backed by guaranteed market outlets for raw. Additionally, we provide technical support and capacity strengthening for organizations aiming to assist farmers and agribusinesses to focus on quality and health issues in operations to commercialize agriculture (particularly smallholder agriculture).

Our Products

We respond to needs for local content food products demanded by customers in Sierra Leone and diaspora through agroprocessing and food-to-food fortification to add economic and nutritional value to the products; quality compliance for health and increased competitiveness of our products. In response to market opportunities, cassava storage roots (gluten free) and leaves, nutritious grain legumes (soybean and groundnut), sesame seeds, indigenous rice, palm oil, honey and coconut oil constitute the base of our range of food products that are gaining local market recognition and with potentials to move towards wider market acceptance.

The Team

We pride ourselves on delivering a flexible, efficient customer service that reflects our commitment and values to the business. We believe our success is down to our love for our national heritage, native food and culture. To add to these, we have a core team of technical, production and service delivery. A company is only as good as its people that work for it and as such; we strive to continue building a solid professional team that represents the spirit and values of our company.